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Pinterest Inspired Vegetable Garden

I wrote this post last year and didn’t get very far on growing what I wanted to so……let’s pretend I wrote it this spring. What’s new is that my Pinterest Urban Farmin board has more pins, so that’s something to look forward to. Right?  The biggest challenge I have growing a vegetable garden (besides keeping it watered) is knowing what to do with all the food! For this, as usual here on Hard Hats High Heels, I look to Pinterest. Its easy to get carried away picking seeds in the middle of winter. You’re dreaming of a warm spring sun. You swear this is the year your carbon footprint will get even smaller. And you’re riding on the delusional fumes that you’ll actually make time to tend your garden. As with any new venture, I suggest starting out small and this year I say you should start on Pinterest. There are several scrumptious recipes floating around on Pinterest–and some are looking very appealing to me. So tasty that I’m going to try to grow the vegetables to make these recipes. Here are a few of my favorite: Click on images for more information. Roasted Parmesan Green Beans I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Fall Gardening Tips

Re-posted from October 20, 2011…when I was extremely pregnant. See the outcome of that right here. Hear my gardening tips as we head into fall…..and think about planting a few of my favorite, fall-loving plant rockstars! Here are the five rockstars in my garden right now (as referenced in the video)   1. Rozanne gerenium   2. Brandywine maple 3. Flame grass 4. Twist & Shout Hydrangea   5. Double Knock Out shrub rose Do you have any of these in your garden? Any favorites?

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