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Pinterest Inspired Vegetable Garden

I wrote this post last year and didn’t get very far on growing what I wanted to so……let’s pretend I wrote it this spring. What’s new is that my Pinterest Urban Farmin board has more pins, so that’s something to look forward to. Right?  The biggest challenge I have growing a vegetable garden (besides keeping it watered) is knowing what to do with all the food! For this, as usual here on Hard Hats High Heels, I look to Pinterest. Its easy to get carried away picking seeds in the middle of winter. You’re dreaming of a warm spring sun. You swear this is the year your carbon footprint will get even smaller. And you’re riding on the delusional fumes that you’ll actually make time to tend your garden. As with any new venture, I suggest starting out small and this year I say you should start on Pinterest. There are several scrumptious recipes floating around on Pinterest–and some are looking very appealing to me. So tasty that I’m going to try to grow the vegetables to make these recipes. Here are a few of my favorite: Click on images for more information. Roasted Parmesan Green Beans I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Pinterest Obsession: Pumpkin

Once the cold breeze of fall starts whispering at my front door…..I’ve already been dreaming about eating pumpkin — anything pumpkin (except the seeds….for some reason roasted pumpkin seeds just aren’t my thing). In typical fashion, I’ve taken to Pinterest to fill my need of the season’s spices and have highlighted here some drool-worthy recipes I’m just itching to taste test. If you get to them before me — you HAVE TO  share with me. It’s a requirement. Click on the images to Pin them or get the recipes!    Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies Source: via Katie on Pinterest     Pumpkin Pie French Toast Source: via Katie on Pinterest   Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread Source: via Katie on Pinterest     Pumpkin Cake Source: via Katie on Pinterest   If that wasn’t enough pumpkin for you — which it wasn’t for me — hop over to my Pinterest board: “Feed Me – Pumpkin n Spices. And if you have a recipe to share — by all means, don’t hold back. Post it here or on our Facebook page. Check out previous Pinterest Obsessions here.        

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Recipes Revisited: Turkey

Get rid of that dry turkey!Yesterday on our facebook page, a conversation took place regarding turkey brining.  We’ve heard a lot about brining over the last two years.  We wondered, is this the newest turkey trend?  We asked you our facebook fans about it, and overwhelmingly you think brining is amazing.  Followed by grilling, but we’ll get to that later. One of our favorite fans swears by this recipe.  Hannah was recently in AllSpice in the East Village of Des Moines and found this.  They sell online too.  Hannah’s going to try it this Thanksgiving.  For a very accessible, easy to understand (and humorous) brining tutorial, check out this blog. And this one. Ok – now a question.  Grilling?  The turkey?  How long does that take?  We need answers.  Leave us your favorite brining or grilling tip in the comments below.  And if you think brining is whack, let us know that too.  All we really want is to avoid the dry turkey.  Help us!

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Holiday food revisited: Cranberries

This week we are revisiting Holiday Foods.  Some of them are classics, like homemade noodles.  But some need a little update.  You know, a fresh makeover.  Let’s start with cranberries.  Cranberries.  I love them.  They are yummy and healthy and pretty.  Here are a few of my favorite Cranberry recipes.  Click the photos for the recipe.  Welcome your guests with this cranberry ginger concoction on Thanksgiving day and they will be asking you about Christmas plans.  This drink is not too sweet, with just a bit of spice and the frozen cranberries keep the drink chilled in the most festive way. Yummy!Fresh cranberries, ginger and orange zest?  It already sounds heavenly.  Now envision the smell wafting through your kitchen as you cook it.  That’s the stuff of which Bath and Body Works dreams.   Click the photo for the recipe. Lean, green and clean?  Try this salad.  And it may save you enough calories that you don’t feel bad about that second piece of pie! Whatever you do, don’t do this:

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